In modern business conditions, accurate and reliable information stated in the financial statements of a company is extremely important for investors, financial institutions and all other business people with whom the company cooperates or intends to cooperate. Today, it is impossible to imagine business decisions being made without detailed insight into the financial statements.
If you want to improve your business, increase your growth and development, turn your ideas into concrete actions, LEGE ARTIS AUDIT can help you achieve these goals by providing the following consulting services: – Financial-diagnostic examination (due diligence); – Preparation of feasibility studies; – Development of reorganization plans; – Valuation of capital and assets; – Preparation of cash flow reports and design of future cash flows; – Preparation of actuarial calculations; – Development of Business Plans; – Business analysis. – Strategies for establishing and developing financial management and control

Careful tax planning with quality tax advice can help you optimize your tax liabilities and avoid unwanted risks that can have negative consequences for your business. We are here to help you with the following tax tips:

– Establishment of companies
– Income tax advice;
– Preparation and verification of the Tax Balance and all accompanying forms;
– Preparation of studies on transfer prices;
– Advice on avoiding double taxation;
– Advice on withholding tax for resident and non-resident legal and natural persons;
– Advice on value added tax;
– Checking and advising on the value added tax return;
– Checking and advising on property taxes;
– Advising on the application of the Law on Property Tax;
– Advising on the implementation of the Law on Personal Income Tax;
– Advising on the application of the Law on Tax Procedure and Tax Administration;
– Tax advice on compiling financial statements.

Everyday business requires professional support in advising and recording the resulting business changes in order to improve the performance of the company. We strive to provide full customer support through the following accounting services:

– Bookkeeping services in accordance with legal regulations and applicable accounting standards;
– Compilation of accounting policies in accordance with IFRS;
– Preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports;
– Preparation of Notes to the financial statements in accordance with IFRS;
– Management of fixed assets and calculation of depreciation;
– Keeping VAT records, calculating VAT, and preparing a tax return for VAT;
– Cash and payment records;
– Advisory services in the field of accounting;
– Calculation of employees’ salaries;
– Keeping all legally prescribed records for employees;
– Registration and deregistration of employees and production of M4 forms;
– Calculation of benefits to persons outside employment;
– Completing and submitting tax returns to the Tax Administration;
– Calculation of work contracts and royalties;
– Calculation of personal income tax;
– Calculation of withholding tax when paying income to non-resident legal entities;
– Calculation of property tax;
– Constantly informing about changes in legal regulations and their impact on your business;
– Representation before financial institutions or during business controls;
– Keeping material accounting;
– Preparation of documentation for obtaining bank loans;
– Various other accounting services at the request of the client;