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Welcome to Parker Russell

Parker Russell is a Serbia wide association of progressive and respected accountancy and business advisory firms. Each Parker Russell member firm offers a broad range of services including audit, accountancy, tax and corporate finance, as well as sector specialisms.

We are the Serbia members of the international network, Parker Russell International. Through our membership of Parker Russell International we are able to provide premier accounting, assurance, tax and specialist business advice worldwide, drawing on internationally recognised industry and service line experts in 65 countries.


Our Assurance service is a dynamic one, adapting to meet new requirements, which may include new risks such as IP, alliances, brand values, eBusiness and social responsibility, in an increasingly transparent environment.

Tax services

We provide the full range of compliance and advisory services that you would expect. What sets us apart is in our approach. To us tax – whatever tax – is seen as just another cost. Tax can be managed and mitigated by taking action in advance.

IT services

A penetration test, occasionally pentest, is a method of evaluating computer and network security by simulating an attack on a computer system or network from external and internal threats to find out systematic manner.

Advisory services

The team has experiences in handling large amount of complex transactions. We commit to high-level of attention to details in order to provide independent, objective advice to clients around the region with seamless approach.

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Our independent member firms offer audit, accountancy and other related services in 53 countries by more than 100 offices and over 2000 qualified auditors, accountants and advisors.

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Our values guide the decisions made by our management team and staff members each day at Parker Russell.


Pressure to improve margins, convert market and customer information into sales, improve efficiency and harness technology to add value and strategic advantage are non-stop challenges in today’s competitive consumer marketplace.


Parker Russell is active in property matters for both the public and private sectors. We provide a wide variety of services encompassing audit, accounting, tax advice, corporate finance, corporate restructuring and consulting.

Travel & Tourism

The travel sector has undergone some of the biggest changes over the last few years. Whether you are a tour operator, hospitality provider, or independent travel agent, Parker Russell has the industry knowledge and insight to assist your business.

What Our Members Say

Team members at Parker Russell International understand we are stronger as a team. That’s why we continue to help our colleagues by sharing our time and knowledge.
Emily Rotten
At Parker Russell International we endeavor to achieve excellence in everything we do. This applies to our training and support of staff members through to the service provided to clients.
Mike Devos
By working together, we can achieve our goals at Parker Russell International and provide the best possible service. Employees are encouraged to share their skills and knowledge, helping develop a culture of unity and trust.
Dominic Jenskin

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